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Fired Up! Missouri - Health Care http://firedupmissouri.com/taxonomy/term/264/0 en Yay, Obamacare! http://firedupmissouri.com/content/yay-obamacare <p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=368651676538215&amp;set=a.308793015857415.71731.260933440643373&amp;type=1" target="_blank"><img alt="" class="noside" src="https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/558395_368651676538215_1953160200_n.jpg" style="width: 510px; height: 765px; " /></a></p> Affordable Care Act Health Care Obamacare Women's Health Wed, 01 Aug 2012 18:22:49 +0000 .Sean 15584 at http://firedupmissouri.com 6 - 3 http://firedupmissouri.com/content/6-3 <p>6 - 3 it stands</p> Health Care Thu, 28 Jun 2012 14:25:02 +0000 Barking Blue 15523 at http://firedupmissouri.com Stop the Presses: Blunt Supports Obamacare?? http://firedupmissouri.com/content/stop-presses-blunt-supports-obamacare <p><img alt="" class="rightside" longdesc="rightside" src="http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2646/3699303664_932e5d2212_o.jpg" style="width: 161px; height: 214px;" />At least a part of it.&nbsp; <a href="https://twitter.com/RoyBlunt/status/205267861286043649">In an interview this morning on KTRS with <strong>McGraw Milhaven</strong></a>, Missouri&#39;s own <strong>Sen. Roy Blunt</strong> defended a part of the historic legislation, even going so far as to take all the credit for the portion which allows for young adults to stay on their parents&#39; insurance until age 26, crowing about how he introduced the same legislation while in the House.</p> <blockquote> <p><strong>McGraw Milhaven:</strong> If this Supreme Court calls [Obamacare] unconstitutional, and that&rsquo;s unconstitutional they also rule they throw the whole thing out, what happens to the 24 year old who&rsquo;s getting insurance on it, their parents&rsquo; insurance plan because of that law, do they wake up the next day and just not have insurance?</p> <p><strong>Sen. Blunt:</strong> Well, they&rsquo;ve got insurance and the company has decided to insure them and that would last for a little while.&nbsp; I believe that&rsquo;s one of the things that Congress would surely reinstate.&nbsp; <strong>That was my bill in the House, McGraw, nobody else offered that bill, I thought it was a way to get a significant number of the uninsured into an insurance group with not much cost, you know young people are generally healthy, they think they don&rsquo;t need insurance, they don&rsquo;t buy insurance, and often they&rsquo;re right, they don&rsquo;t need it, uh, and that was my bill.&nbsp; I&rsquo;m the only person who introduced that legislation, it&rsquo;s one of the things I think should continue to be the case.</strong></p> </blockquote> <p>So much for hating Obamacare, I guess.&nbsp; Here&#39;s the thing: there is so much more in the bill that Americans want to keep: things like not being able to deny people based on preexisting conditions, and no longer having an annual or lifetime limits on needed care, requiring that insurers must justify rate hikes to their premium holders.&nbsp; Americans also appreciate the fact that no longer can insurance companies discriminate based on gender, that there will be no copays for birth control, breast pumps and domestic violence screening (though we know where Blunt stands on <a href="http://www.firedupmissouri.com/content/sen-blunt-wants-your-boss-control-your-life">those</a> <a href="http://www.firedupmissouri.com/content/roy-blunt-leading-war-women">issues</a>), and small businesses get tax credits to help provide insurance to their workers.</p> <p>Why doesn&#39;t Blunt support these other, just as popular parts of Obamacare?&nbsp; Additionally, there is no committment from other republicans that if, god forbid, they were able to repeal the entire bill or the Supreme Court throws the bill out, they&#39;ll immediately turn around and pass legislation that would allow young people to remain on their parents&#39; insurance.&nbsp; Or require that insurers not deny people based on gender, preexisting conditions, or have annual or lifetime caps.&nbsp; In fact, since Obamacare passed, republicans have beat the repeal and replace drum over and over and over again, but never actually said what they&#39;d replace it with.&nbsp;</p> <p>So even if Blunt again introduced legislation that would allow young people to remain on their parents&#39; insurance, there&#39;s no guarantee that the <a href="http://www.firedupmissouri.com/node/14965">2.5 million young adults who now have access to health care coverage thanks to Obamacare</a> would continue to have insurance.</p> <p>But thanks for admitting that you like even a part of the bill, Sen. Blunt.&nbsp; Good on you for that.</p> <p>Audio is after the jump.</p> <!--break--> <p><embed height="27" src="http://www.google.com/reader/ui/3523697345-audio-player.swf?audioUrl=http://www.firedupmissouri.com/audio/BluntObamacare.mp3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="320" wmode="transparent"></embed></p> Health Care Obamacare Roy Blunt Wed, 23 May 2012 14:49:54 +0000 Parker 15470 at http://firedupmissouri.com Tim Jones Gleefully Trumpets Passage of Anti-Freedom, Women's-Healthcare-Limiting Legislation http://firedupmissouri.com/content/tim-jones-gleefully-trumpets-passage-anti-freedom-womens-healthcare-limiting-legislation <p>In the Missouri House yesterday, republicans passed their own version of <strong>Sen. Roy Blunt&#39;s</strong> <a href="http://www.firedupmissouri.com/content/roy-blunt-leading-war-women">&quot;conscience amendment&quot;</a> legislation, except the Missouri version, if you can believe it, is worse.</p> <p>Technically under the Missouri House version of the legislation, in addition to allowing your boss or insurance provider to deny you access to certain prescriptions or procedures, a doctor or other medical provider cannot be discriminated against (i.e. disciplined, fired) for refusing to provide contraception or perform abortions if it conflicts with their views.&nbsp; This puts another person squarely between a woman and her own medical decisions.&nbsp; It means that any doctor, medical provider or pharmacist can refuse to provide birth control or any other prescription they are morally opposed to as well as refuse to participate in any procedure that goes against their conscience.&nbsp; <strong>Rep. Stacey Newman</strong> (D-St. Louis) said it best while on the floor of the House:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/05/17/485793/missouri-deny-women-contraception/">&ldquo;You will be putting your stamp on what you think I should be doing and also deciding if your religious beliefs will supersede my religious beliefs and my moral convictions.&rdquo;</a></p> </blockquote> <p>For a party that claims to be for freedom and liberty, republicans seem to want to regulate a woman&#39;s uterus to within an inch of its life.</p> <p>After the House passed this onerous, freedom-restricting legislation, <strong>Speker-to-be Tim Jones (R-Eureka)</strong> couldn&#39;t contain his glee and quickly sent out a tweet crowing about how &quot;common sense&quot; won and &quot;Progs=Fail&quot;:</p> <p><img alt="" class="noside" src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8022/7217482148_03578953a1.jpg" style="width: 500px; height: 265px;" /></p> <p>Not one to restrain himself to just twitter, Jones then headed to facebook to continue his victory lap:</p> <p><img alt="" class="noside" src="http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5159/7217482224_b6da4bfcd2.jpg" style="width: 500px; height: 267px;" /></p> <p>If &quot;socialsim&quot; (sic) is such a failure, I&#39;d like to ask Jones what he thinks of Social Security, a truly evil socialist plot to keep our seniors out of poverty.&nbsp; Or how about the interstate highway system, another horrifying socialist idea that allows him to easily travel from place to place - which was conceived of by a republican no less?&nbsp; What about the socialized Medicare which no doubt assists older members of his family in obtaining high quality health care?&nbsp; The list of other evil socialist based programs found here in the U.S. and Missouri goes on.</p> <p>But to the point, folks. Take a good hard look at the childish behavior of the boy-child who will be your next Speker of the Missouri House of Representatives.&nbsp; This is what the Missouri republicans want in one of the most powerul positions in our state.&nbsp; This immature, <a href="http://www.firedupmissouri.com/content/birther-tim-jones-promises-%E2%80%9Crevengeserved-cold%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%9Cnasty-lying-cheetos-stained-basement-dwelli">tantrum throwing</a>, maniac.</p> <!--break--><!--break--> Health Care Roy Blunt Socialism Stacey Newman Tim Jones War on Women Women's Health Thu, 17 May 2012 21:13:12 +0000 Parker 15461 at http://firedupmissouri.com Unintentional Honesty: "Shameful Abortion Amendment" in Missouri House http://firedupmissouri.com/content/unintentional-honesty-shameful-abortion-amendment-missouri-house <p>In the Missouri House today, the republican controlled chamber approved an amendment to HB 1890 which would make it increasingly difficult for physicians to provide women with the medical care they need and have a right to receive without government intervention.</p> <p>From <a href="http://www.mdn.org/2012/STORIES/AMEND.HTM">MDNnews</a>:<a href="https://twitter.com/#!/MDNnews/status/192756070744199168"><img alt="" class="rightside" src="http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5195/7092167409_7fa4e7733a.jpg" style="width: 288px; height: 220px;" /></a></p> <blockquote><p>The amendment, proposed by Rep. Andrew Koenig, R-St. Louis County,&nbsp;was approved 105-40&nbsp;and would require doctors providing abortion-inducing drugs, such as&nbsp;mifepristone, to purchase between $1 and&nbsp;$3 million in medical malpractice insurance.&nbsp;It would also classify&nbsp;violations&nbsp;of this law as a&nbsp;Class D felony.</p> <p><strong>Prior to the amendment, the bill&#39;s original intent would only have&nbsp;been to require the Oversight Division of the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to analyze the fiscal impact of mandating coverage for treating cancer, eating disorders and infertility to health plans.</strong></p> <p><strong>During the House debate, Rep. Tishaura Jones, D-St. Louis City, called the amendment &quot;out of scope&quot; and &quot;shameful,&quot; saying the amendment&#39;s purpose did not align with the bill.</strong></p> <p>Jones said the bill, overall, would do a study to investigate the the impact of adding the&nbsp;components to health insurance coverage before taking action.</p> <p><strong>&quot;Since we can&#39;t overturn Roe v. Wade, since the Supreme Court won&#39;t do it, then of course the state legislatures are going to introduce bills year after year after year to make it more difficult for a woman to make choices related to her body,&quot; Jones said.</strong></p> </blockquote> <p>Thanks to the moderator of MDNnews&#39; twitter feed for ensuring they were brutally, if unintentionally, honest in describing the shamefulness of this amendment.</p> <p>If you&#39;re still on the fence about whether or not there is a war on women, this should serve as yet another demonstration of the fact that republicans will stop at nothing to limit a woman&#39;s access to quality health care and the ability to make her own medical decisions privately with her physician.</p> <!--break--><!--break--> Andrew Koenig Health Care Tishaura Jones Women's Health Thu, 19 Apr 2012 01:54:35 +0000 Parker 15379 at http://firedupmissouri.com Cartoon of the Day http://firedupmissouri.com/content/cartoon-day-26 <p><img alt="" class="noside" src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7085/6899729478_590c44159a.jpg" style="width: 500px; height: 384px;" /></p> Health Care Obamacare SCOTUS Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:39:38 +0000 Parker 15350 at http://firedupmissouri.com Surprise! Republicans in the Missouri House Pushing More Extreme Right-Wing Legislation http://firedupmissouri.com/content/surprise-republicans-missouri-house-pushing-more-extreme-right-wing-legislation <p><img alt="" class="rightside" src="http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/stltoday.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/6/dd/6ddc37fa-d3f0-11e0-b84e-0019bb30f31a/4e5e64d0f3ab3.image.jpg" style="width: 170px; height: 185px;" />Do you want a state contract? Do you have lots and lots of money to burn? Well <strong>Rep. Chrissy Sommer</strong> (R-St. Charles), <strong>Rep. Anne Zerr</strong> (R-St. Charles) and republicans in the Missouri legsilature have a deal for you!</p> <p>If <a href="http://www.house.mo.gov/billsummary.aspx?bill=HB2076&amp;year=2012&amp;code=R">HB 2076 (<span id="ContentPlaceHolder1_BillSection"><span class="hslice"><em>Establishes a preference in governmental contracts for person who contribute to alternatives to abortion services</em>)</span></span></a> were to become law, you could ensure that in the bidding process you would receive a bidding preference of up to 5 points if you toss a bunch of money at &quot;<em>alternatives to abortion agency or to the alternatives to abortion support fund.</em>&quot;</p> <p>Not only that, but you don&#39;t even have to send the money to them <em>before</em> you get the contract, you can just <em>say </em>you&#39;re going to and then after you get the contract, you have 12 months to send it.&nbsp; So take those profits you&#39;re going to get from a taxpayer funded state contract and send &#39;em on over to the anti-choicers at a pregnancy resource center, <a href="http://democrats.oversight.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&amp;view=article&amp;id=2552&amp;catid=44:legislation">places notorious for refusing to be forthright about their true agenda of misleading women about their reproductive choices.</a></p> <p>Just as an example, say you&#39;re a contractor in Joplin and you want to get a state contract to help rebuild a damaged portion of a state highway - a contract that has <em>nothing to do with human reproduction in any way, shape, or form</em> - you would be given 5 bonus bid points if you give 10% of the cost of the contract to one of these alternative agencies.</p> <p>How many more pieces of legislation are there going to be that don&#39;t address the budget crisis our state faces and instead force the ideological preferences of the right-wing fringe on others?</p> <!--break--><!--break--> Anne Zerr Chrissy Sommer Cloria Brown Diane Franklin Donna Lichtenegger Eileen McGeoghan Ellen Brandom Health Care Jeanie Riddle John Diehl Linda Black Mark Parkinson Michele Kratky Mike Kelly Sandy Crawford Sue Entlicher Tim Jones Tim Meadows Wanda Brown Women's Health Wed, 04 Apr 2012 16:16:09 +0000 Parker 15348 at http://firedupmissouri.com Rally Against Rush at the Missouri Capitol http://firedupmissouri.com/content/rally-against-rush-missouri-capitol <object height="357" width="500"><param name="flashvars" value="offsite=true&amp;lang=en-us&amp;page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2Ffiredupmissouri%2Fsets%2F72157629325022030%2Fshow%2F&amp;page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos%2Ffiredupmissouri%2Fsets%2F72157629325022030%2F&amp;set_id=72157629325022030&amp;jump_to=" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=109615" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><embed class="noside" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="offsite=true&amp;lang=en-us&amp;page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2Ffiredupmissouri%2Fsets%2F72157629325022030%2Fshow%2F&amp;page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos%2Ffiredupmissouri%2Fsets%2F72157629325022030%2F&amp;set_id=72157629325022030&amp;jump_to=" height="357" src="http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=109615" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="476"></embed></object><p>A fantastic group of folks from across Missouri turned out today at the Capitol in Jefferson City to tell Speaker Steve Tilley NO to installing a bust of hatemonger Rush Limbaugh in the Hall of Famous Missourians.</p> <p>Legislators and activists took the time to address the crowd of over 200 men and women there to advocate for access to quality affordable health care, including birth control, and to call on the Speaker to abandon his plans to enshrine Limbaugh&#39;s racist, sexist views next to Missourians such as Mark Twain, Harry Truman and Dred Scott.</p> <p>From the <a href="http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/political-fix/limbaugh-bust-opponents-rally-at-missouri-capitol/article_c4f5bc7c-790a-11e1-b300-001a4bcf6878.html">Post Dispatch</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><strong>Rep. Clem Smith</strong>, D- Velda Village Hills, said he finds Limbaugh to be sexist and racist.</p> <p>&ldquo;It&rsquo;s embarrassing to our state what&rsquo;s going on,&rdquo; he said.</p> <p>Columbia resident <strong>Nancy Flournoy</strong>, one of the advocates at the Capitol today,&nbsp;said she&rsquo;s surprised that it&rsquo;s still a possibility.</p> <p>&ldquo;The fact that it&rsquo;s a serious issue and could actually happen is just inconceivable,&rdquo; she said. &ldquo;It says so much about our speaker if that&rsquo;s the kind of person he respects.&rdquo;</p> <p>She said she normally cannot make it to Capitol rallies but she wanted to show support for women&rsquo;s rights.</p> <p>&ldquo;The fact that contraception is even an issue has totally stunned me,&rdquo; she said.</p> <p>Several elected officials and candidates for public office spoke to the crowd, encouraging them to stand up for women&rsquo;s issues and reproductive issues.</p> <p>&ldquo;These are human rights,&rdquo; said <strong>Rep. Karla May</strong>, D-St. Louis.</p> <p>On the Limbaugh bust, some have questioned whether the radio host meets the test of being a Missourian who has &quot;made outstanding contributions to the state, the nation and the world.&quot; That&rsquo;s the language used in a 2002 outline of the Famous Missourians program.</p> </blockquote> Clem Smith Health Care Karla May Planned Parenthood Rush Limbaugh Steve Tilley Women's Health Wed, 28 Mar 2012 20:41:39 +0000 Parker 15320 at http://firedupmissouri.com Happy Birthday, Obamacare! http://firedupmissouri.com/content/happy-birthday-obamacare <p class="rtecenter"><img alt="" src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7055/7009256657_4d49a80363_o.png" style="width: 454px; height: 250px;" /></p> <p><a href="http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/03/23/affordable-care-act-two-years">Today is the second birthday of Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act!</a></p> <p>Since it&#39;s the legislation&#39;s special day, I wanted to go over a few of the supremely awesome things it&#39;s allowed to happen since <strong>President Obama</strong> signed it:</p> <ol> <li> Congress will have the same health care as the rest of us.</li> <li> <a href="http://www.firedupmissouri.com/content/25-million-additional-young-adults-gain-access-health-coverage-thanks-obamacare">People under 26 can stay on parents&#39; health insurance.</a></li> <li> <a href="http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2011/12/02/the-bomb-buried-in-obamacare-explodes-today-halleluja/">Insurers must justify rate hikes.</a></li> <li> No discrimination based on gender.</li> <li> Insurance can&#39;t kick sick people off coverage.</li> <li> <a href="http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2011pres/01/20110118a.html">No denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions.</a></li> <li> <a href="http://aspe.hhs.gov/health/reports/2012/LifetimeLimits/ib.shtml">No annual or lifetime limits on needed care.</a></li> <li> No copays for birth control, breast pumps and domestic violence screening.</li> <li> <a href="http://www.healthcare.gov/law/features/employers/small-employer-tax-credit/index.html">Small businesses get tax credits to help provide insurance to their workers.</a></li> <li> Chain restaurants must post calorie content.</li> </ol> <p>And to think that republicans want to gut the health care bill entirely and do away with everything above is mind boggling!&nbsp; I can&#39;t imagine going back to a time where insurance companies could kick people off their plan simply because they have a pre-existing condition - <a href="http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/03/19/447157/health-insurers-well-deny-coverage-for-pre-existing-conditions-if-health-mandate-is-repealed/">something the insurance companies have <em>already said they&#39;ll do</em> if the individual mandate is repealed.</a></p> <p>So here&#39;s to Obamacare and many, many more years of access to affordable, quality health care for ALL Americans.</p> Affordable Care Act Health Care Health Care Reform Obamacare Fri, 23 Mar 2012 20:36:46 +0000 Parker 15307 at http://firedupmissouri.com Romney: Corporate Tax Breaks are More Important than Healthcare for Women and the Poor http://firedupmissouri.com/content/romney-corporate-tax-breaks-are-more-important-healthcare-women-and-poor <p>Yesterday in Kirkwood, Mittens laid bare his ruthless attack on healthcare for women and the uninsured in favor of giving millions, if not billions, of dollars in additional tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.</p> <p>&nbsp;<iframe allowfullscreen="" class="noside" frameborder="0" height="275" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CpK21Xs-eyE" width="500"></iframe></p> <p>From our friends at <a href="http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/03/14/444269/romney-get-rid-of-planned-parenthood/">Think Progress</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Beyond simply threatening a program that provides necessary health care for millions of women, Romney has also called for <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/romney-takes-on-family-planning/2011/11/04/gIQAQBcrmM_blog.html?wprss=ezra-klein">cutting funds for Title X</a> &mdash; the only federal program devoted to family planning &mdash; from the federal budget. The program covers low-income women and men who are uninsured, and without it, about <a href="http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/media/fact-sheets/birth-control-family-planning-title-x-fast-facts.pdf">5 million people would lose</a> their access to health care and contraception.</p> <p>For Romney, cutting women&rsquo;s health programs that help millions of women and prevent thousands of unintended pregnancies is a higher deficit-cutting priority than making corporations and high-income Americans <a href="http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/02/22/430396/romney-tax-cut-rich/">pay their fair share</a> in taxes. Romney asserts that the <a href="http://www.mittromney.com/news/press/2011/11/mitt-romney-delivers-remarks-fiscal-policy">savings</a> for the the federal government by taking away Planned Parenthood funding would be about $300 million. But those savings are the same as the <a href="http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/numbers/displayatab.cfm?Docid=3297&amp;DocTypeID=2">cost of Romney&rsquo;s tax cuts</a> for 262 of the top 0.1 percent of earners in the U.S.</p> </blockquote> Health Care Mitt Romney Planned Parenthood Wed, 14 Mar 2012 16:00:39 +0000 Parker 15241 at http://firedupmissouri.com