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Sarah Steelman

UnrealWhen asked by the moderator whether they knew the minimum wage rate, all three candidates — Sarah Steelman, John Brunner, and Todd Akin — said they did not know, but said they were against increasing it."

The Huffington Post already has already picked up the key exchange: 

At one point in the debate, [KMOX Host Charlie] Brennan asked each of the candidates if they knew the amount of the federal minimum wage and if they would support increasing it. They all either said they didn't know the amount or guessed wrong.

Brunner went first, saying that his business was "always above the minimum wage because we were always looking for the best people."

Brennan then asked, "Okay, do you know what the minimum wage is?"

"No, sir," Brunner replied.

Steelman was next.

She guessed $7.50 an hour -- which is 25 cents higher than the actual minimum wage.

When asked whether she would like to see it go up, she replied, "No, I'm not in favor of increasing it at this time."

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