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Sam Graves

While national Republican Party leaders, including Roy Blunt and all former Missouri republican senators have piled on to call for embattled US Senate candidate, Rep. Todd Akin, to drop out, today in the Kirksville Daily Express the nominee found a friend in fellow Missouri republican congressman, Sam Graves.

A Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Missouri's 6th District is portraying fellow Congressman Todd Akin's remarks on "legitimate rape" and abortion as extreme but said he would still choose him rather than the Democrat opponent and incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill come November.[...]

"It comes down to a decision between a rubber stamp for Obama and an independent thinker," Graves said. "If he stays in the race, I'll vote for him."

Also notable, is the fact that Rep. Graves' own consultant, Jeff Roe, also sees a path forward for Rep. Akin's campaign against Sen. McCaskill as well as the Republican establishment.

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