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How unimpressive is the field of John Brunner, Todd Akin and Sarah Steelman? Here's a clue...

Ann Wagner, former candidate for U.S. Senate, retweeted a message the weekend from Politico scribe Dave Catanese asking if Wagner "should switch to #MOSEN after all?"  

Catanese teases a second Senate bid for Wagner in his story on her solid third quarter fundraising haul.  "[T]his eye-raising [fundraising] performance is almost certain to stoke speculation on whether Wagner should reconsider switching to the bigger price: the Senate race....John Brunner is willing to put his own money down, but he's unimpressed insiders and flopped his media rolloutOf course, Wagner's entry into the Senate race now would be a tremendous slight against Akin, who was nudged into the race by some insiders, in part to grant Wagner an opportunity at Congress in the first place."

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