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Icet running for State Auditor

With memories of the chaotic, disorganized, disjointed, extreme House session still fresh in our minds, Allen Icet is asking for a promotion. 

From the Arch City Chronicle:

State Representative Allen Icet (R-Wildwood), Chairman of the House Budget Committee, announced today his intention to run for Missouri State Auditor...

Under Icet's leadership Missouri enjoyed unprecedented budget surpluses by focusing on fiscal restraint and accountability while continuing to meet critical healthcare needs, improve transportation and increase education funding without a single tax increase.  Representative Icet said, "We forced state government to live within its means just as every Missouri family must do.  That effort put Missouri in better fiscal shape than almost any other state in the nation."

Icet will probably need to update his "unprecedented budget surplus" campaign rhetoric, considering how "Republican lawmakers have acknowledged, privately, that they crafted a budget in 2008 for [Gov. Jay] Nixon to inherit that could not have sustained the economic upheaval Missouri has experienced in the past year."

Missourians will also be very interested to learn how Icet and his ideological allies in the House have "continued to meet critical healthcare needs."

For more on Icet's even-handed leadership (ahem) in the recent legislative session -- including his broken promises, flip-flops, embarrassing acknowledgment of misleading the public, etc -- check out our 2009 House Budget Resource Page.  



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