Birther Tim Threatens to Sue McGraw Milhaven

Shot: "[McGraw] Milhaven thought perhaps he could lobby Jones onto his show with free tickets to a St. Louis Rams game...When Daily RFT contacted Milhaven yesterday to discuss the plot, the radio host said he'd just gotten off the phone with [Birther Tim] Jones. "He called me and started screaming about how I was belittling his office and disparaging his family. All I want to do is take him to a football game. When I asked if he and his wife would still like the tickets, he shouted 'leave my wife out of this' and suggested there'd be legal action if I kept it up." 

Chaser: "This from a man, mind you, who is a documented birther, is known to tweet about avenging the 'left wing trolls', and was only too willing to advocate for laxer gun laws the day after a gunman killed 12 people in a Colorado cinema this past summer." 




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