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It takes some courage to spin this

Mo. judge upholds governors' budget powers

...Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem rejected a legal challenge focused on Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon's ability to control the rate of spending and to reduce expenditures when revenue falls short. The ruling, dated last week but issued Friday, came after Republican Auditor Tom Schweich filed a lawsuit last year over some of Nixon's budget decisions...

...into this: 

Schweich Pleased with Judgment Finding Nixon Violated Missouri Constitution

State Auditor Tom Schweich said he was pleased with a judgment issued by Cole County Circuit Court Jon Beetem on the Schweich vs. Nixon court dealing with the governor's authority to withhold money from the state budget...

As the Associated Press summarizes the ruling, the trial court judge for the case did coclude that "the "E" [sometimes applied to line items in the budget adopted by the General Assembly that allows more money to be spent than what is listed if funding is available] violates a constitutional requirement for each item in the budget to distinctly specify the amount and purpose of the appropriation."

So if I'm reading the AP story correctly, Schweich not only overstated the overall thrust of the judge's ruling, but incorrectly blamed Nixon for the legisalature's not-new practice of using E's in state budgets.  What's up with that? 




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