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Tim Jones Gleefully Trumpets Passage of Anti-Freedom, Women's-Healthcare-Limiting Legislation

In the Missouri House yesterday, republicans passed their own version of Sen. Roy Blunt's "conscience amendment" legislation, except the Missouri version, if you can believe it, is worse.

Technically under the Missouri House version of the legislation, in addition to allowing your boss or insurance provider to deny you access to certain prescriptions or procedures, a doctor or other medical provider cannot be discriminated against (i.e. disciplined, fired) for refusing to provide contraception or perform abortions if it conflicts with their views.  This puts another person squarely between a woman and her own medical decisions.  It means that any doctor, medical provider or pharmacist can refuse to provide birth control or any other prescription they are morally opposed to as well as refuse to participate in any procedure that goes against their conscience.  Rep. Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis) said it best while on the floor of the House:

“You will be putting your stamp on what you think I should be doing and also deciding if your religious beliefs will supersede my religious beliefs and my moral convictions.”

For a party that claims to be for freedom and liberty, republicans seem to want to regulate a woman's uterus to within an inch of its life.

After the House passed this onerous, freedom-restricting legislation, Speker-to-be Tim Jones (R-Eureka) couldn't contain his glee and quickly sent out a tweet crowing about how "common sense" won and "Progs=Fail":

Not one to restrain himself to just twitter, Jones then headed to facebook to continue his victory lap:

If "socialsim" (sic) is such a failure, I'd like to ask Jones what he thinks of Social Security, a truly evil socialist plot to keep our seniors out of poverty.  Or how about the interstate highway system, another horrifying socialist idea that allows him to easily travel from place to place - which was conceived of by a republican no less?  What about the socialized Medicare which no doubt assists older members of his family in obtaining high quality health care?  The list of other evil socialist based programs found here in the U.S. and Missouri goes on.

But to the point, folks. Take a good hard look at the childish behavior of the boy-child who will be your next Speker of the Missouri House of Representatives.  This is what the Missouri republicans want in one of the most powerul positions in our state.  This immature, tantrum throwing, maniac.



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