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Blunt Votes to Double Student Loan Interest Rates

Today, in a party line vote, Missouri's junior senator, Roy Blunt, sided with fellow republicans to double student loan interest rates effective July 1.  Of course, Blunt and other republicans claim that they are opposed to the rate hike, but they want to pay for it in a different way than proposed by Senate Democrats which would tax the earnings of private corporations - large, multinational corporations (like Exxon and their billion dollar profits, GE and their billion dollar profits) some of whom haven't paid a dime in taxes in years.

You might ask yourself, "How do republicans want to pay for this program and keep student loan interest rates from doubling?"

Well, instead of asking large, private corporations to pay their fair share, republicans want to eliminate the funding for a preventive health care program.  You read that right.  Republicans think that asking corporations to pay their fair share is too much to ask, but eliminating funding for preventive health care programs is totally ok.

Clearly, Blunt and his ilk are bought and sold by the US Chamber of Commerce and the American Bankers Association and have no interest in actually voting in the interests of their actual constituents.




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