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Wannabe Senator Steelman Hasn't Heard Supporting Right-to-Work-for-Less Could Have Political Consequences

I'm sure Steelman is just trying to rally her base, or whatever.
Even though Speaker of the House Steven Tilley has said he isn't going to waste legislative time on trying to pass Right-to-Work-for-Less, Steelman again called on the Missouri Legislature to consider the legislation. She told PoliticMO
"For far too long, we’ve seen jobs leave our country, and now it’s not just China with whom we must compete, it’s the 22 states that have instituted free-market principles by passing Right to Work legislation,” said Steelman. “Missouri employers and workers deserve a competitive economic landscape."
Is Steelman saying that Right-to-Work-for-Less states are like China?
And perhaps Steelman missed it when over 4,000 people packed Kiener plaza last year to stand up against Right-to-Work-for-Less last March. 
I guess Steelman didn't hear that Wisconsinites have recently collected a million signatures to recall Governor Walker for his anti-union ways.
In Indiana, the legislation has caused a temporary political meltdown.
Someone please tell Steelman no matter how much she thinks it will score her points with her base, we need real economic development this legislative session - not assaults on working families that will likely just cause more political gridlock.



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