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Timeline: From "We Finally Reached An Agreement" to "It's Done"

Rob Mayer and Steve Tilley in happier times.

July 20 - Steve Tilley: "We finally reached an agreement."

July 20 - KMOX: "The announcement featured Mo Senate Leader Robert Mayer, R-Dexter and Mo House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville — both saying they are ready to pass a wide ranging jobs package that goes beyond China Hub."

July 26 - Rob Mayer: Governor Jay Nixon "'was somewhat cautious or hesitant...'He had concerns about opposition in either chamber. He wanted to make certain that we had a degree of certainty' that the economic development bill would pass."

September 23- Steve Tilley on Rob Mayer: "The House has done every single thing that we said we were going to do...I assume that when Rob Mayer told me this is the deal that they could get this done -- It's not my job to micromanage the Senate.  I assumed he could get it done. It's clear that he couldn't. I'm not necessarily blaming him, because I think he's trying to get it done.  But obviously he wasn't successful..."

September 22 - Rob Mayer: "I’m not optimistic at all."

September 23 - Steve Tilley: "I think Brad Lager says one thing and does another."

September 23 - Steve Tilley: "Functionally, The Senate's Broke"

September 23 - Bob Priddy: "We agree that we’ve never seen a special legislative session that is such a mess as this one."

September 24 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "The man most responsible for delaying, and possibly killing, the bill you care about is named Steve Tilley, a Republican from Perryville who is speaker of the Missouri House."

September 24 - Kansas City Star: "What went wrong? The simplest explanation is that Republican legislative leaders failed to do enough groundwork before asking Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon to call a special session. The barriers seen over the last three weeks involve GOP infighting in the Senate and disagreements between the Republican majorities in the Senate and House."

October 13 - Rob Mayer: “We’ll have the opportunity to go to conference to argue or present our position."

October 17 - Rob Mayer: "The differences between the House and Senate on the economic development, tax-credit reform bill are irreconcilable."  And, "Mayer said it would have been 'fruitless' and 'meaningless' to confer further with the House, because both chambers are firmly entrenched."

October 17 - Steve Tilley:  "It's done."



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