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Raising the Minimum Wage as a Red Herring?

Patrick Tuohey at the Missouri Record suggests that attempts by labor and progressive groups to raise the minimum wage might just be a "red herring":  

perhaps the minimum wage issue is a red herring; a mere effort for the Left to turn out their base in a year that is looking increasingly bad for Democrats in Missouri and elsewhere. 

If raising the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour is a red herring, perhaps all of us who make more than $9 an hour should try taking the challenge on It is harder than you might think.   

If in the process of raising the minimum wage, Missourians realize certain politicians and political groups care more about working families than others so be it. Also, Tuohey fails to mention that the Missouri General Assembly hasn't mustered the strength to actually pick on workers making $7.25 an hour by passing the bill.  

I guess maybe they realize handing out tax credits to developers and corporations while feigning outrage over workers making $7.25 an hour might look bad, especially when 76 percent of Missourians approved raising the minimum wage. 



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