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Post-Dispatch: Nixon Should Veto Pro-Discrimination Bill Passed by Legislature

Today in the Post-Dispatch:

The bill [SB188], sponsored by Sen. Brad Lager, R-Savannah, is this year’s version of the anti-whistleblower, anti-worker, pro-discrimination act pushed by Mr. Lager and various business interests last year. It is the top item on the Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s poorly named “Fix the Six” agenda.

This bill would fix nothing. It is intended to not protect whistleblowers and other workers, and it would make it easier to fire them...

[T]hose companies that have been on the other side — those that have fired employees because they’re black, or gay, or disabled, or because they blew the whistle on unethical or illegal conduct — would be shielded from justice if Mr. Nixon signs SB 188.

They will be able to perform a simple calculation of the costs of discrimination — a mere $50,000 for a small company — and decide how much discrimination they can afford.

That’s not job creation. It’s a formula for job subtraction.



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