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"Game On": Loesch Plays Dumb With Tilley, Then Unleashes Tirade When He Hangs Up

Wednesday night, Andrew Breitbart lackey Mike Flynn threatened Peter Kinder and Carl Bearden that he would "go nuclear" if Speaker Steve Tilley refuse to "walk back" his statement that opponents of local control legislation had engaged in "race baiting at a level that I haven't seen since I've been here."  Tilley is understandably annoyed and upset with allegations from the St. Louis Tea Party, affiliated blogger Darin Morley and perhaps others who have tried to manufacture absurd arguments regarding the Speaker's alleged "association with the New Black Panther Party" in their fight to stop the local control bills.

Flynn demanded that Tilley "walk back" his comments before a scheduled interview with Dana Loesch, a leader in the St. Louis Tea Party who just happened to be an active participant in distributing the New Black Panther smear, and who just happens to "edit" a sister Breitbart propaganda site.   This might lead you to think that Loesch, who purports to be a tough-talking, straight-shooting independent conservative, would confront the Speaker about his "association" with racist, anti-Semitic radicals. 

You'd be wrong.  Here's the full interview, for your listening pleasure:

Note that Loesch states in the interview that "I don't think that anyone was specifically trying to tie, like, you to the New Black Panther Party,"  (6:25 mark).   This is absurd, and Loesch knows it.  She tweeted a blog link to her followers on Tuesday that was explicitly about "Tilley's recent association with the New Black Panther Party."

Said Reboot Congress blog post then linked readers to another post titled, "Why has Missouri House Leadership aligned with the New Black Panthers?"  Doesn't that sound like she was specifically trying to tie Tilley to the New Black Panther Party?

It gets worse. 

After Tilley hung up and after Loesch's patrons at KFTK paid a few bills with a commercial break, Loesch turned on Tilley and Bearden, unleashing criticisms and accusations she didn't think of bringing up when Tilley was actually in a position to defend himself.    She repeated the obviously false claim that "no one ever said that Speaker of the House Steve Tilley was associated with the New Black Panther Party," and then railed against "the Republican establishment here in Missouri."

A must-listen:

Here's one key excerpt of Loesch's bloviating:

I think it's a cop out to say that it's race baiting.  I think it's a cop out to blame it on race. And I'm really getting fed up with the Republican establishment here in Missouri.  I've just about had it. When you have to cover something that has been said by calling grassroots -- copying the line that progressives have used against tea partiers time and time again and when you say that someone's a race baiter simply because they've pointed out that, hey, this is a very odd association that's disingenuous and it's not what I expect from people that you vote for to represent you. That's the bottom line.  And I just -- I just find it disingenuous.

And you know, Carl Bearden is an individual that I've considered a friend for a long time. But I don't appreciate the comments that he's made either.  And I tell you, I don't like the attitude coming from the establishment Republican Party in Missouri. And if those individuals want to share the argument with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and Harry Reid and call grassroots Americans for daring to question the judgment of the establishment GOP, if they want to use that progressive argument and malign and defame individuals race baiters, then I think that's something we seriously have to consider when we go to the polls the next election.  Because it's not something I'm going to forget about. 

And then, minutes after Loesch's show ended, Flynn unleashed a blog post at Big Government with the words, "game on."

If we had to explain this story to aliens visiting Earth for the first time, where we even begin? 



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