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Southeast Missourian columnist Michael Jensen is misinformed.

Sensing the growing public opposition to runaway pork, both leading U.S. Senate candidates in Missouri -- Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan -- this week pledged to curtail earmarks if elected. If that comes to pass, they would join Sen. Claire McCaskill, who swore off pork projects when she was elected...

Carnahan says she would oppose any earmarks period. Blunt goes beyond that and pledges to end the practice of earmarks and to introduce legislation to reduce the federal budget by $30 billion -- the amount spent on earmarks last year.

Blunt has not "pledged to end the practice if elected."  He only supports a 1-year ban --  one that would extend just beyond the November 2010 elections. 

Indeed, Blunt has has been a "proud and prolific earmarker," and was reluctant to even support the temporary ban last week. As of mid-day Friday, he still hadn't arrived at his current position.  Steve Kraske wrote the following in The Star on Friday 

On a different topic, Blunt refused to join the growing bandwagon of lawmakers calling for a temporary, or even permanent, suspension of the practice of awarding earmarks, or pork-barrel projects that members of Congress bring home to their districts.

After Kraske's story was published, The Associated Press updated their previously misleading story to report that Blunt did agree on Friday to go along with a one-year moratorium on earmarks. 



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