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Back In the Saddle: Jericho Renews Attacks On Blunt

Conservative radio personality  Vincent David Jericho started a new show yesterday, billed as "the internet's ONLY world wide talk show targeting Local, State, National and the World."  When we last heard from Jericho, his supporters were protesting his dismissal from KSGF radio, which Springfield sources said "definitely had to do with his constant barrage of attacks on Congressman Roy Blunt and Mavis Busiek."

Today, Jericho renewed his criticism of Blunt and the Missouri Republican Assembly, which endorsed Blunt this weekend for his allegedly steady "moral compass." 

I'm disappointed the Missouri Republican Assembly.  When they first started, I was told that they were a group that was going to fight alongside of me and be a group of people that really fought for conservative ideas...

Unfortunately, they got, in my opinion, co-opted by the old Republican guard in Southwest Missouri, co-opted by the Blunt people, and now this group that's supposed to represent conservatives has come out and given their endorsement to Roy Blunt in the race for Senate...

So let's stop with the "whose turn it is next" and the party hacks and...and...the people that have been with the party for a million years, and let's start electing people, through the primary system, conservatives.

Well there are several people in the race running for Senate and running for the Republican Party nomination that are far more conservative --  and just as far as morally, far more moral than Roy Blunt. So why would an organization that bills themselves as the conservative conscience of the Republican Party -- particularly this early in the race -- come out and endorse Roy Blunt? 

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