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Kennedy Picks Up On Ridiculous Schaefer Attack

Missourian columnist George Kennedy laments the partisanship and lack of progress in the General Assembly in his latest column: "A month into their session, Missouri’s legislators haven’t done much but talk," he writes. 

Kennedy points to legislators like Sen. Bill Stouffer (R-Napton) who "wander beyond their competence" with resolutions about federal issues, and also picks up on Sen. Kurt Schaefer's ridiculous complaints that federal grant money for rail projects was spent on rail projects. 

Partisanship also got the better of Boone County’s Sen. Kurt Shaefer when he criticized Gov. Nixon for using $23 million in federal money to save the old railroad bridge at Boonville instead of a new cancer hospital in Columbia. A spokesman for the governor had to point out that the money was designated specifically for railroad projects.



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