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Rod Jetton

Last fall I was working on an article about some local political shenanigans I thought were amusing but not very important. Then the Jetton arrest hit the news and that kind of made the local circus news seem unimportant and not even amusing anymore.  
Those who know me know that I have often criticized Rod Jetton and that I have made no secret of my disagreement with Jetton’s activities in the political arena. It is true Jetton has done much for the area but it is also true Jetton has used his political pull to help himself and to help his political lackeys at the expense of the rest of us. That is in the past and I thought that with Jetton getting out of elected office that there would be some changes and that Jetton would be heard from less and less.
Now I am hearing more about Jetton than I would like to hear.  I do think that Jetton will be acquitted and I do not think that the FBI probe will end up with Jetton being found guilty of wrong doing. I am basing this on intuition and not on any knowledge or my own desire. I only say this because in my writing I need to feel that I am always saying my actual beliefs and opinions without being clouded by political desires on my part.
I would not be surprised to learn Jetton is being railroaded by his enemies in the republican party.  If he is being railroaded it is not about Jetton’s consulting business although others will gain. 
The damage Jetton’s troubles will cause the republicans is potentially enormous. That voters who supported republicans thinking that they were supporting morals could become disenchanted is only one possible example of how Jetton’s troubles can hurt republicans. Already republicans who claimed to be Jetton insiders are pretending that they barely knew him.
Those running away from Jetton after embracing him for a long time are only slightly less annoying than those that are publically defending him. I thought that some of those that are publically defending him were trying to actually tear Jetton down. There is a reason an attorney tells a client to not talk about the case. There is also a reason cameras can be excluded from the courtroom. 
I started to write an article called Please Make It Stop! When trying to defend someone it is common to ask questions that will assist others to reach answers that will benefit the person being defended. Asking questions making the defendant look worse do not help anyone but the enemies of the defendant. One such question is “Why did the prosecutor wait so long to file charges against Rod?” The answer is that the prosecutor did not want to rush to judgment. Now the same person would sound silly saying he thinks that there was a rush to judgment against Jetton. When claiming it took a long time to file charges because the accusations are political, it is important to remember that the assumption will be that Jetton used political pull to hinder the filing of charges and not because the accuser or prosecutor are acting politically.
Now in an attempt to help Jetton, the accuser is having her reputation trashed. This hurts Jetton even more. If Jetton is convicted, trashing the accuser will tear down Jetton even more and make any mea culpa on Jetton’s part look insincere at sentencing time. If the accuser is made to look mentally or emotionally weak it can also make Jetton look predatory. 
Even if Jetton is acquitted then trashing the accuser does more than look tacky and low class. The more the accuser is torn down the more Jetton’s judgment and morals are questioned. 
Many people here in Southeast Missouri claimed to be Jetton insiders when Jetton was speaker. These same people claimed Jetton as a figure of republican family values and morals. Now many of them claim to have never been that close to Jetton or never trusted him or had some other issue with Jetton. These people are showing themselves for what they are. Jetton’s few remaining supporters who will not be quiet and leave this to the courts are making things worse for Jetton.
Jetton’s troubles are another problem for the local political machine that is losing power and influence. I want to laugh at the troubles of those that hitched their wagon to the political machine’s falling star but I don’t. This whole situation does not call for laughter. It is too sad. Either a woman has been horribly mistreated and is having her reputation trashed or a man has been falsely accused of a horrible crime. 
The local political machine is looking even more pathetic than before.



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