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Prime Buzzed

The folks running The Star's Prime Buzz have a peculiar practice of copying entire articles from other news outlets, pasting them on their political blog, and then rewriting the headline of the original author or editor in a snarky or amusing way to suit their own tastes. 

I'm not criticzing the paper's decision to republish other's work.  But I don't understand the practice of rewriting headlines in a way that introduces the personal beliefs of the Prime Buzz staff without explaining the change. 

For instance, a story published today by Kaiser Health News is originally titled "Will Health Care Savings Be Used To Reduce The Deficit?"

But when it's republished at The Star, the headline is transformed to "Health care reform's bait-and-switch?"

The Star's headline implies some sort of dishonest scheme on the part of Obama and Congressional Democrats  to get the support of various interest groups, not pass the original proposal, and then nefariously reduce the deficit.  The situation has changed, and all parties are trying to figure out a way forward -- I don't really see evidence of a "bait-and-switch."

Regardless: the stories are copied almost word for word from their original source -- so why aren't the headlines?



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