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A tweet from Post-Dispatch reporter Tony Messenger, earlier this evening at a Senate committee hearing on Sen. Rob Mayer's (R-Dexter) SB793

Last month, Planned Parenthood affliates in Missouri described Mayer's proposal (and similar bills in the House) as follows:

2010 Abortion Restriction Bill
These long, checklist bills contain numerous new, burdensome and duplicative requirements for counseling, evaluating, and performing abortion procedures that—according to the proponents—are to ‘protect women.’ These bills intrude on the doctor/patient relationship and ignore the standard practice of medical care already in place for abortion providers. The domestic violence and sexual assault prevention community oppose these bills because they can put abused women in greater danger.

In addition, HB 1211, HB 1327, and HB 2000 create the new felony crime of “coercing an abortion” which removes decision-making from the woman seeking the procedure and can criminalize physicians.

Similar bills were filed in 2008 and 2009 but ultimately died.

 UPDATE: From the official @PPMissouri Twitter feed:



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