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Cynthia Davis Drops Auditor Bid – But Says She's Still Running For Something Next Year

Rep. Cynthia Davis is no longer running for State Auditor, as she's told the Missouri Ethics Commission.  Instead, she's endorsing House Budget Chair Allen Icet over the insufficiently conservative (in her mind) Thomas Schweich. KY3's Dave Catanese has the details:

"I don't understand how Republican voters could support someone who came out of the bureaucratic morass of Washington, D.C. where Schweich has been for many years before showing up expecting to be anointed to win a statewide office," Davis said.

"Worse, he expects Missouri Republicans to support him, when he donated money to and supported Democrat Claire McCaskill and praised President Obama for choosing what Schweich called 'an all-star cabinet.' Given Schweich's support for the president and Claire McCaskill, he might have been more comfortable filing in the Democratic primary," Davis said.

But then check out this quote at the end of Catanese's story:

"I plan on being a candidate in 2010, but not for Missouri State Auditor," Davis said.

What to make of this tease from Cynthia?



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