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Looking Out For the Big Guys: Akin & Luetkemeyer Vote Against Strict New Credit Card Rules

Congressmen Todd Akin and Blaine Luetkemeyer were two of just 92 Representatives to vote against freezing interest rates and fees for nine months and immediately imposing strict new credit-card rules. The WSJ:

The U.S. House, in a slap at the credit-card industry, on Wednesday voted to freeze interest rates and fees for nine months and to immediately impose strict new credit-card rules currently set to take effect in February or later.

The 331-92 vote comes after lawmakers have been flooded with complaints from consumers furious that issuers raised interest rates, increased minimum payments and lowered credit limits. Dozens of Republicans joined Democrats to approve the measure.

Reps. Blunt, Carnahan, Clay, Cleaver, Emerson, Graves and Skelton all supported the bill.



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