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Romney, the Job Shipper

        Romney reminds us repeatedly that he is a job creator. Okay, let’s grant him that during his fifteen years with Bain Capital, he created thousands of jobs.  Only problem: they were not American jobs! 

        Romney’s financial investment company specialized in relocating jobs to countries like China and India that paid low wages and provided few benefits.  According to SEC reports turned up recently by the Washington Post, Bain-owned companies were among the first to ship jobs to call centers and to factories that made computer parts overseas.

        Romney admits he enjoys “firing” people who provide him services; it’s become a hobby.  He even outsourced jobs when he was governor of Massachusetts, a factor that contributed to the state dropping to 47th in job creation nationwide.  More recently, Romney showed his contempt for the American auto industry and middle-class workers, when he proposed letting Detroit go bankrupt, a decision that would have resulted in devastating job losses and thrown the economy into a tailspin.

        By contrast, the American Jobs Act proposed by President Obama encourages job creation here at home.  Republicans in Congress have scoffed at the president’s idea that would give companies a 20% tax credit for the cost of moving their operations back to the United States.  The credit would be paid for by doing away with tax breaks now given companies who move their business abroad

        Under President Obama watch the economy has steadily moved forward and that progress must not be interrupted.  The private sector has added jobs for 27 straight months; this is not a time to turn back to the failed policies that Romney has vowed to restore on day one. 

        During these treacherous economic times, we need to continue with a solid, steady, even-handed leader—one with the heart and vision needed to put America back to work again.  That’s why Americans must—and will—give Barack Obama the second term he deserves.



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