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Mitt’s No Good, Very Bad Days

        Romney says he’s not going to offer up any more than two years of tax returns, so quit your belly-akin’.  His stance defies what other politicians, including his father, have done, but maybe he can get away with it.  Bill Kristol may be right when he spoke of the “higher cost of revealing” than not revealing.

        Such obfuscation has pundits scratching their head, wondering what could be in the unreleased tax returns.  So far we have only 2010 and an estimate of 2011, but from them we know that Romney had offshore holdings in the Caymans and Bermuda and paid an exceeding low tax rate of 13.9%.  But what else might be lurking in those 23 years of tax returns, that were provided to the McCain campaign, when Romney was being vetted for vice president, but are off limits for his presidential race?

        Hmmm … let’s speculate what that might be:

  1. Perhaps Romney paid an even lower percentage in tax some years—or, no tax! Even so, his tax returns might be perfectly legal given the existing corporate loopholes, but still hard for the average taxpayer to swallow.

  2. Perhaps the returns show excessive amounts given to the Mormon Church, or conversely, Romney might have fudged in paying the full ten percent expected of the faithful.

  3. Perhaps there is evidence of even more outsourcing of jobs and more embarrassing investments in foreign enterprises.

  4. Perhaps the IRS filings show his SEC filings or public statements to be incorrect or inconsistent.

  5. Perhaps there are other politically awkward holdings, such as the already revealed investment in a company that disposed of aborted fetuses.

        The demand for the hidden tax forms are not the only thing that’s made for a series of “no good, very bad” days for the GOP presidential candidate.  Now, gazillionaire gambling magnet Sheldon Adelson, the largest donor to the GOP and to Romney’s Super PAC, is suspected of corrupt dealings for the way he gained a casino in Macau, a location that gives him access to millions of mainland Chinese for whom gambling is illegal.

        The only thing worse than Romney’s recent bout of “no good, very bad” days, is that there are many more to come.



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