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“GOP Gelato,” the New Summer Treat

       One of my favorite vices is ice cream.  But I was appalled to read that there are varieties being offered around the world that would surely deaden my sweet tooth: such flavors as Eel, Octopus, Shark Fin, and Sauerkraut.  It goes to prove if you put enough sugar on anything and serve it in a chocolate-dipped cone with colored sprinkles, the public will swallow it.  That goes for weird food and weird political ideas as well.

       The Republican flavor treat for the 2012 election is “GOP Gelato,” loaded with nuts and flakes, tainted with tea and served in, what else, but, a waffle cone.  Rove and Koch Unlimited will be spending more than a BILLION bucks to make the GOP brand palatable.  They intend to unseat the president, hold on to the House, overturn the Senate, and return the nation to the “good-old days” when Wall Street ruled and presidents and workers listened up.  If successful, they will turn back the clock as cleverly as ol’ Doc Holiday and give the GOP plutocracy a chance to reinstitute the 19th century with all its bigotry, poverty, uncertainty, deregulation and greed.

       In the coming months, the conservative message will be served up in sugar-coated sound bites by smiley-faced politicians.  Some voters will swallow anything with the GOP label, regardless of the divisive and regressive influence it might have on America’s future.  But in the heat of the campaign, look for “GOP Gelato” to melt away, leaving voters clinging to the “waffle cone,” that so aptly defines their presidential candidate. 



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