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Zach Wyatt: Courage Personified

Over on Progress Missouri's blog, you'll find Zach Wyatt's (R-Kirksville) statement on the "Don't Say Gay" legislation proposed by the Missouri Bigot Caucus.  In his statement, Wyatt stands up to party leaders and members on both sides of the aisle, against the bigotry we see from across the political spectrum.  It is courage personified if you ask me.  Have a look:

Leadership is what our state greatly needs right now. The foundation of my party has always been individual equality and freedom. The very foundations of a free society are individual rights and the resulting responsibilities. I have come to realize that being involved in politics is like living in a glass house. Not only are many aspects of your life open to public scrutiny and discussion, but I have found myself having to inspect my own life in the same detailed manner. Some aspects of my life that I have even hidden from myself have become evident.

I do not wish to make the mistake of following, rather than leading again. As such, I am compelled to speak out against my colleagues who have sponsored and pushed House Bill 2051. This bill, which has garnered national attention, has been dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. I have become tired and frustrated with the bigotry on gay issues from both sides of the isle. Homosexuality is not a Republican or Democrat issue, and should not be portrayed as such. Students not only need, but have a right to feel safe with the go to school. They should be able to speak with teachers, counselors, or administrators when they get bullied. This bill would make that illegal.

For Wyatt's full statement on HB 2051, head over to Progress Missouri.

To join Wyatt in standing up to the bigotry in the Missouri legislature, check out the petition PROMO has organized and send a message to your elected officials.



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