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Blunt: My Four-Page Memo is "Actually Much More Detailed" Than Other Health Care Proposals

Yesterday, after Roy Blunt finished telling The Eagle's radio audience it would have been best for "the marketplace" if Medicare and Medicaid never existed, Blunt preposterously claimed his health care plan is "actually much more detailed than their plan has been." 

When he said "their plan," he presumably meant any of the various Democratic proposals, and when he said "our plan," he was referring to his 3 1/2 page list of bullet points

It was somewhat offensive to our collective intelligence when he kept calling his memo a "plan." But yesterday's claim that his memo is "actually much more detailed" than the serious proposals under consideration takes his dishonesty to a whole new level.

In no possible way can Blunt's four-page outline for a not-yet-written bill be considered "detailed," let alone "more detailed" than any other plan. Perhaps Roy forgot what was actually included in his "detailed" plan:

House Republicans presented a four-page outline of their health care reform plan Wednesday but said they didn’t know yet how much it would cost, how they would pay for it and how many of the nearly 50 million Americans without insurance would be covered by it.

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), who heads a GOP health task force, said that when the details are drafted in the coming weeks, they would present a plan that "costs far less than the Democrats’ [plan] and provides better results for the American people."

Two weeks ago, to actual reporters, Blunt acknowledged the details in his plan still hadn't been crafted. But today, talking to his right-wing base, Blunt felt perfectly fine just making things up.

(You can read Blunt's entire plan here. It will take you about four minutes. Tops.)

If Roy Blunt's health care plan so detailed, why can't the Kaiser Family Foundation find enough information to put together a basic analysis to compare his plan to all of the other proposals on the table?

Does Roy Blunt know that he's lying when he says things like this?  Or does he just not care?


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