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True Story: House GOP Leaders Are "Anti-Middle Class" and "Anti-Progress"

A big win for Steve Tilley, Birther Tim Jones, Jeff Roe and former possible statewide candidate Caleb Jones: "This is what the Republican-led Missouri House did Thursday when it was supposed to be debating a jobs bill in the now five-week old Missouri Legislature's special session: It took a break to pass a worthless — but not meaningless — resolution that directly slapped the face of one of the state's biggest employers. Missouri House Republicans have made their stance quite clear. They are pro-wasteful federal spending, pro-GOP consultant, pro-Texas. They're equally anti-middle class, anti-Boeing, anti-progress. And they are opposed to any jobs bill that might bring thousands of new jobs to St. Louis. We hope the business community that has been so generous with campaign funds for the House Republicans is paying attention."



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