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Trickle-Down Debunked Under the P-D Endorsement of Claire Below

There is no rational or moral excuse for what Romney/Ryan want to do. It's been done. It has failed. Money to take care of our roads, bridges, schools, and other shared places (not to mention pay down our debt and reduce our deficit spending) has to come from somewhere.

It's pretty obvious to people who work, learn and play in shared places where the money's not. 

It's pretty obvious to people who work, learn and play in certain private spaces where it is. 

And no amount of lip service, bluster, sarcasm, and zinger-delivery can make the lay of our land any different. Our problem is structural. It's macro-structural with micro-structural consequences.

It is not OK that even one bullied child in Missouri should have to feel sad and lonely because he can't see his mom before school because she is sleeping off the exhaustion of working two jobs...and still can only sometimes afford milk. I met this kid a few months ago near Potosi. Off he goes to a public school starved of resources, and educationally choked by multiple choice testing. Even in 4th grade, he's one of many trying to don those bootstraps for the sake of his family.

Make the connection. 



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