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Treasonous Fired Up! bloggers not welcome at tomorrow's birther events

We finally received a response to requests for information about the July 1 meetings with Orly Taitz in St. Louis and Jefferson City. Here's what local organizer Sarah Brooks had to say:

I am familiar with your SMEAR Journalism (sic). You are not welcome at either events (sic). If you do show up, we will be forced to call security.

Sarah B.

Taitz claimed on July 20 that five state representatives would be attending. She later announced the participation of Sen. Jim Lembke, but has now removed the post about Lembke from her website. We have confirmed that Rep. Mike McGhee will attend.

Taitz is expected to discuss her debunked conspiracy theories about Barack Obama at the meetings.  She is currently suing the President with State Reps. Tim Jones, Cynthia Davis and Casey Guernsey for "fraud, perjury, forgery, identity theft and social security fraud."

Previously, Taitz asked for media coverage at the event:

Please contact local media: TV, radio, Newspapers. Such meetings are newsworthy for local media.

Please contact local clergy, we can educate them and they can relate the message to their parishioners.

Please contact local ROP, ROP pac, Republican lawyers association, Jewish-Republican coalition, Lincoln club, Constitutional party, American Independant Party, Liberterian Party, veteran’s association, Religious schools, Home schooling association. Usually you can find support in such organizations and one representive can carry a message further.

I guess we aren't what they had in mind. 

Oh well, at least we have more time to focus on our treason, especially our now-public efforts to "erase info from the docket of the Supreme Court."



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