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Tough Break for Birther Tim and Entire Missouri Birther Caucus

From the Missouri News Horizon: "An amendment that would require presidential candidates to present proof of natural born citizenship was trimmed from an omnibus election law reform bill. The amendment was removed, along with several others, by a joint conference committee in hopes that the final bill can pass by the end of the legislative session on Friday."

It's great to see reasonable people prevail on this matter, especially given the many birther and birther-curious legislators in the General Assembly.

  • Majority Leader Tim Jones sued Barack Obama in federal court with Birther Queen Orly Taitz in 2009, alleging that Obama is actually an illegal immigrant from Kenyan.  Rep. Casey Guernsey and former Rep. Cynthia Davis were also supporters of that effort.
  • Rep. Lyle Rowland sponsored legislation to add the now-removed birther language to Missouri law earlier this year, as part of a national campaign to keep feeding the birfers' conspiracy theories.  His proposal was consponsored by Mike Kelley, Kevin Elmer, Don Wells , Darrell Pollack, Don Phillips,Shane Schoeller, Barney Fisher, Melissa Leach, Stanley Cox, Tom Loehner, Dave Hinson, Lindell Shumake, Jason Smith, Andrew Koenig and Diane Franklin.
  • Former Rep. Robert Wayne Cooper sponsored a constitutional amendment in 2009 similar to the language removed this week.  His proposal was co-sponsored by Walt Bivins, Dan Brown, Jason Brown, Cynthia Davis , Doug Ervin, Barney Fisher, Doug Funderbunk , Mike Lair, Mike McGhee, Bob Nance, Brian Nieves, Dwight Scharnhorst, Shane Schoeller, Rick Stream and Don Wells before it was withdrawn without explanation.



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