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Top 10 Things to Look for in Tonight's Randles-Spence Debate

  1. Will Bill Randles repeat his attacks against Dave Spence for voting not to repay his bank's bailout?  If so, will Spence immediately file a lawsuit against him?
  2. Will Dave Spence explain why debating Bill Randles makes sense now,but didn't make sense when they were actually running against one another?
  3. Bill Randles had criticized Dave Spence for having no new ideas and sticking to talking points.  Did Randles, as a paid campaign consultant, provide Spence with talking points for this debate?
  4. Will Bill Randles repeat his challenge for Dave Spence to release his academic records, so the public can see the coursework one must complete to earn a home ec degree?
  5. Will Randles get louder cheers from the crowd than Spence, as was the case at their only real primary debate in Springfield?
  6. Is this silly charade at least designed to raise money for charity?
  7. Will Randles again be declared the clear winner of the debate?
  8. Has Randles explained to Spence what the electoral college is? 
  9. How many audience members will leave the auditorium determined to write-in Bill Randles on the ballot?
  10. If fake candidate Bill Randles is there to play real Gov. Nixon, who is Dave Spence there to play?



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