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Todd Akin's Thanksgiving Reminder: God and the Pilgrims Hate Your "Socialism"

Todd Akin would like you to remember this Thanksgiving that God hates socialism (though God may still love the sinning socialists), and we know this because socialism is "unbiblical" and "a form of theft."   And since Akin describes all Democrats and progressives as "socialists," thinks that government programs helping people not freeze to death and starve to death are "commie" plots, and thinks that the federal government should "get out of the business" of Social Security, Medicare and education -- I can only presume that I'm on the unbiblical side of things too.

Warning: Watching this video may make you dumber.

Akin made very similar comments last Thanksgiving, praising the Pilgrims for rejecting "socialism" as "unbiblical" and "in violation of God's law."

First,  I'd like to know how Akin reconciles his belief that socialism is "unbiblical" and that unfettered capitalism is the only 'biblical' thing to do with all those hippies selling their belongings, pooling their resources and helping their neighbors in Acts

Second, I'd like to know when Akin is going to introduce legislation to bring the federal government into line with his interpretation of the Bible, and junk socialist programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Finally, I'd like to know how many silly things Akin needs to say before the Liberal Media in St. Louis takes him to task for his habit of making silly speeches like this.  It's not like he's a Congressman or anything, and it's not like he's indicting ideas and programs liked by most Americans as "unbiblical."

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