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Todd Akin: Supports $40 Billion Subsidies for Big Oil, Opposes Tax Cuts for Working Families

Today in the Springfield News-Leader, Todd Akin reiterated his opposition to the payroll tax cut which cut taxes on working families by an average of $1,000 because he said it would cut 15% from the Social Security Trust Fund, saying, "I don’t believe jerking the rug out from underneath people that are dependent on it.”

However, a new report from the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees says that's just not true:

The trustees said the bill passed in February contains a mechanism that transfers money into the trust fund to “replicate to the extent possible” the payments that would have occurred had the tax cut not been passed.

That means the actual balance of the Social Security trust fund will not decrease as a result of the tax cut.

Can we just talk about the hypocrisy of Todd Akin for a minute? Claiming that he doesn't "believe in jerking the rug out from underneath people that are dependent" on things such as Social Security? How about Medicare? He really doesn't believe this? His voting record and on the record comments says otherwise.

For example, Todd Akin has said that he believes that Medicare is unconstitional. I can only imagine that he'd be in favor of eliminating Medicare then, and what, might I ask, would Todd Akin tell the seniors who depend on Medicare after he's eliminated a wildly popular program? "That he didn't believe in jerking the rug out from underneadth people that are dependent on it"?

Or how about the fact that as he opposed the above mentioned $1,000 tax cut for working families he voted for the Ryan Budget which preserves $40 billion - that's billion with a B - in taxpayer funded subsidies to Bil Oil. Corporations like Exxon, Shell, and Cononco who have multi-billion dollar profits every single year? This is, of course, all in addition to his desire to cut taxes on corporations. Hey working families, Todd Akin didn't mean to jerk the rug out from underneath you, it's just these mutli-national corporations with billion dollar profits every year are suffering. He didn't really mean to jerk the rug out from underneath you if you needed that $1,000 tax cut during the Great Recession!



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