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Todd Akin Calls Sen. McCaskill a Dog

Yesterday in Springfield, Rep. Todd Akin was joined by Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and Rep. Billy Long (R) for a rally and fundraiser where Akin had the distinct privilege of speaking to about 100 people. And instead of focusing on things Missouri voters are concerned about, Akin thought it would be a good idea to compare his opponent, Sen. Claire McCaskill to a dog.

Listen for yourself:

Is Akin actually running for Missouri's US Senate seat anymore, or is he just trying to see if he can come up with anything more extreme than the last thing to leave his mouth? So far we've got legitimate rape, wanting to end school lunches, end Medicare as we know it, privatize Social Security, calling student loans a stage 3 cancer, wanting to eliminate the minimum wage, thinking wage discrimination against women is just another form of freedom... The list goes on.

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