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Today in Surreal: Tim Jones' BFF, Orly Taitz, Could Win California Primary

While you're keeping tabs on the recall going on in Wisconsin tonight, keep an eye on the California republican senate primary where Missouri's future speaker Tim Jones' BFF, Birther Queen Orly Taitz, could quite possibly win the nomination.  You'll remember Taitz from her campaign to prove that President Obama is not, in fact, an American citizen, and the proof is in his fraudlent birth certificate.  Jones, as we all know, joined the birther lawsuit, even if he continues to try to play dumb about it.

Anyway, back to the California senate primary and Orly. From the Huffington Post:

California GOP Senate candidate Orly Taitz, a Moldovan-born immigrant, dentist and lawyer best known for her campaign to expose President Barack Obama's supposed Kenyan birthplace, could be headed for a shocking finish in the Golden State's primary on Tuesday.

The best description of Taitz comes from John Avalon of the Daily Beast, and to be quite honest, you could easily replace Tim Jones for Orly Taitz and have just as accurate of a statement.

In other words, [she's] nut-balls. Orly Taitz as a candidate for U.S. Senate would make Christine O’Donnell look like Henry Clay. She would make Sharron Angle look like Daniel Webster. Donald Trump seems a model of restraint by comparison.

This is funny, but it’s also sad. This is what happens when you burn down the big tent. The sideshow takes over.

Good luck to Speker Jones' BFF!  We couldn't wish for a more exciting "sideshow" to watch outside of Missouri come November!



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