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Today in Brian Nieves: "We are at war with the media and the teachings of Laziness and Dependence!"

Today in Brian Nieves: "Team Kaizen is Breaking Power Players Left & Right!! What is a Power Player? Simple: Power Players are people who have FULLY Engaged in the process of helping Find, Train, Coordinate & Build a Community of Leaders! Why are we doing this? Simple: We Believe our Community of Leaders, Our Team of Winners, The People we train up as New Millionaires, will use the Leadership they Build, the Influence they Gain, and the Wealth they attain for GOOD! Yes, we WILL change a Generation! "LIFE" isn't all about making money... I like money, plan to make LOTS of it, but money is just a tool. The REAL Mission is to rise up a Million New Leaders in North America and in doing so, make a dent in the problem that is Government. A Million People trained up to THINK, to Work, and to Engage in Fixing Our Great Republic WILL have a lasting effect on our Great Nation! We are at war with the media and the teachings of Laziness and Dependence! We MUST Work and WIN!! TONS... Yes, TONS of people have contacted me to express interest in joining us! I want you to be interested, I want you to join us, BUT - But, this project is NOT for the Faint of Heart, Know It Alls, Sissies, Wimps etc... Are you Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired? Do you want to Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference? Our Teams are having a Blast Together, We're Winning, We're Making Money and Best of All, We're Making a Difference!! Bottom Line: We're Launching a Leadership Revolution!" 



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