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Today in Brian Nieves: "I'm Fired Up!"

Today in Brian Nieves: "What an Absolute Rock-n-Roll couple of weeks this is gonna be!! I'm fired up! Julie & I just finished up another Double Power Player, we'll be Visiting Our Awesome Leadership Team in Farmington tonight, Hosting a Leadership Group Tuesday Night, Helping a Friend finish up his First Power Player Group in Joplin on Wednesday, Claude Hamilton will be in WashMo. on Thursday Night to do a BIG Leadership Meeting, Friday we'll sort out the particulars of Rick & Milly going DOUBLE Power Player, Victor has his first wrestling tournament over the weekend and the next week leads directly in to the BIG Seminar in STL with Raymond Abernathy and Orrin Woodward on Saturday, Dec. 8th where Team Kaizen will have Many MANY New Leaders crossing stage for various different significant accomplishments in the Leadership World! God has Blessed me with Meaningful Work and has Blessed the efforts of Our Team as we work our craft and help turn this ship called America around! Not everyone is called to do what Team Kaizen is doing but for those of us who have jumped in... We're Loving it!! TOGETHER, as a TEAM, we are Launching a Leadership Revolution!! TOGETHER, as a TEAM, we are Having FUN, Making MONEY, and Making a DIFFERENCE! Many of you have expressed interest in joining in some capacity and I apologize for not following through with you as well as I should but please understand that this movement, if you will, has EXPLODED faster than I thought it would! People are hungry for the training and even hungrier for the Association through Teams we are coordinating! This is BIG and it's getting Bigger, our work is significant and meaningful and we want YOU with us as we Bull Doze Forward toward a Million People!! If you live anywhere remotely close to WashMo. - Joplin - Farmington - STL or the surrounding areas, we can probably get you hooked up with a TEAM! Mark your calendars for THIS Thursday at 8pm in WashMo and then Saturday, Dec. 8th in STL at 5pm and even if you have to drive a Long Long way... Get there for one or Both of these get togethers as it may very well change your life!"



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