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Tim Jones: Markets Down? Blame Obama. Markets Up? Congratulate Romney.

Yesterday, as we all know, the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional. The markets went down and Birfer Tim Jones (R-Eureka) immediately pounced retweeting and highlighting that DOW was down, ostensibly because of the ruling.

Of course today, the markets have recovered and are headed up, likely because the insurance industry realizes that they have guaranteed customers and because guaranteed customers means profit.  But that doesn't fit Birfer Tim's narrative so he has announced that the only reason the markets could be up is because it's 100% guaranteed that Mittens will be president.

So if the markets are down? Obama or Obamacare's fault. If the markets are up? It's only because Romney's going to be president. Are you as confused as I am? None of this makes any sense.

Just one question: did Birfer Tim go to school in Texas where the GOP is trying to eliminate the teaching of critical thinking? It sure seems like it.



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