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Tilley Fires on Spence

Cue the circular firing squad.

Speaker Steve Tilley (R-Perryville) has taken aim at republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence for his apparent attempts to curry favor with leaders of his party by handing out sports tickets, even as he calls for a cap of no more than $25 on gifts to legislators.

In the Post Dispatch:

The Republican leader of the state House, Speaker Steven Tilley, is accusing Spence of seeking to buy support by inviting lawmakers to enjoy his prime view from the stands.

Tilley's display of ire comes after Spence's thinly veiled jab at the outgoing speaker's unconventional use of campaign money. Now, the Republican House leader is accusing the gubernatorial candidate of hypocrisy.

"Yes, he's been giving tickets out to members," Tilley said. "I know because he offered them to me."

It gets worse for Spence when Tilley nails him squarely as a hypocrite:

If Spence is going to support a ban on sports tickets from lobbyists, Tilley said, "then you can't give out tickets to people hoping they are going to support your campaign. It's a completely inconsistent argument."

"I think it's hypocritical," Tilley said.

Let's be honest, if you're running for governor and your own party leaders are publicly calling you a hypocrite in the state's largest paper, and you've lied about your education, and you given conflicting answers on why the bank you sat on the board of hasn't repaid a $40 million in taxpayer funded TARP bailout, and you're a national joke, how much of a chance do you really have in beating one of the nation's most popular governors?



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