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Team Sinquefield's Laffable 'Facts' Exposed

Sinquefield and his lackeys have made Art Laffer's alleged expertise a centerpiece in their campaign to devastate Missouri's public systems and structures

Berger's Beat reacts to today's big story in the Columbia Tribune

When you’re the noted Reaganomics guru, Arthur Laffer, it must be humiliating when a reporter from a mid-sized Missouri newspaper busts you in the Sunday paper for using incorrect data to promote benefactor Rex Sinquefield’s viewpoint.  That’s just what [Columbia Tribune] statehouse bulldog Rudi Keller did this weekend.  Laffer and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annually produce a jointly-branded report on “Economic Opportunity Outlook” of the states...

Keller did some digging and found Laffer overstated Missouri’s marginal personal income tax rate as 7 percent instead of the correct figure, 6 percent.  The result was to make Missouri rank worse than Tennessee. 

For posterity, this is how Let Voters Decide showcased Laffer at the time Keller's story broke:

LafferScreenshot2 Laffer3



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