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Stouffer Keeps Digging

Yesterday, the Post-Dispatch reported that Sen. Bill Stouffer isn't all that concerned with violations of voting laws when they're committed by known Republicans, even though he's spent much of the past year manufacturing fears about voter impersonation fraud to justify his party's plan to limit voting for people who just might vote for Democratic candidates.

Today, an editorial in the Post-Dispatch calling on Gov. Jay Nixon to veto legislation that would put the GOP voter suppression plan into place includes the following:

We're quite confident Mr. [Todd] Akin is who he says he is. And we're fairly confident that, given time, he could obtain a valid drivers license with a current address on it.

But, given the new voter ID requirements Missouri lawmakers seek as law, wouldn't Mr. Akin's votes of the past several years, by definition, be fraudulent if he knowingly voted in the wrong jurisdiction?

"That is true," Mr. Stouffer told us.

He didn't want to tell us that. He didn't really want to answer any of our questions. That's because Mr. Stouffer is smart enough to know that Mr. Akin just helped prove Ms. [Robin] Carnahan's case [against the scourge of voter identification bills like the ones that the Missouri Legislature passed last month].



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