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Star: Kit Bond "appears to wildly overestimate the average cost per farm" of cap-and-trade legislation

Raise your hand if you're shocked Kit Bond is using bad information to justify his opposition to key climate legislation.

Sen. Kit Bond told a Senate committee today that the House cap-and-trade energy legislation would cost "the average Missouri farmer an additional $11,000 a year in 2020," according to a statement issued by his office.

The figure, though, appears to wildly overestimate the average cost per farm in the state.

It's based on a study by MU's Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, known as FAPRI.  The study (attached below) found costs would go up by $11,649 annually for a "representative" 1,900-acre farm in Lafayette County, Mo. if the House cap-and-trade bill becomes law, increasing to $30,152 by 2050.

Bond used those figures in his statement.

But most Missouri farms are nowhere near 1,900 acres.  In fact, the USDA says, more than 87 percent of Missouri farms are 500 acres or less.  Less than 4 percent are between 1,000 and 2,000 acres.

The average Missouri farm, in 2007: 269 acres.

This is just the latest face plant in a growing pattern of bad information from climate change deniers and opponents of cap and trade legislation (it's hard to tell the difference some days).

Bond, you may recall, doesn't think there is a global warming crisis.  Nor do his friends in Washington:

Opponents' arguments would be a lot more persuasive if they stopped using bogus information. Just sayin'.

Or maybe Kit should just stick to complaining about how the legislation has a lot of words.



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