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St. Louis Tea Party Spat Somehow Devolves Further; Breitbart Lackey Threatens Tilley

While right-thinking persons were watching Mizzou beat Baylor last night, right-right-right-thinking persons were threatening Speaker Steve Tilley and Rex Sinquefield lobbyist Carl Bearden on the twitternets. 

Late Wednesday afternoon, Mike Flynn, the "editor in chief" for Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, came to the defense of the St. Louis Tea Party and their bizarre New Black Panther party conspiracies.    Specifically, local leaders Bill Hennessy and Dana Loesch (who "edits" the sister Breitbart site Big Journalism) claim to be outraged with Tilley's complaint that St. Tea Partiers' activism against local control legislation had devolved into race baiting.  A message from Bearden makes it clear that Tilley's frustration was directed at downright bizarre content created and published by another tea party leader, Darin Morley, lamenting "Tilley's recent association with the New Black Panther Party" (i.e., Rep Jamilah Nasheed). 

Flynn is now demanding that Tilley "walk back his...smear" of the tea party on Loesch's radio program this afternoon, or "we'll go nuclear."  "We," in this context, is presumably the right-wing Breitbart echo chamber.

Here are Flynn's messages to Bearden and Peter Kinder (more on him below) in chronological order:

  • Tilley on Dana's show tomorrow. He walks back attack on tea party or we go full throttle. Stupid fight you picked.
  • As God is my witness, this will not end well for you. Every dollar ever to you will be public
  • Peter, don't make the mistake Carl did. Stop trashing the tea party. Full pain coming tomorrow afternoon
  • Spkr Tilley will be on Dana's show tomrw. If he doesn't walk back his and Carl's smear against TP, we'll go nuclear
  • Carl, must feel good, I guess, that the left has your back. No doubt you are proud.

Unhinged stuff. 

If this is all a plow to generate some interest in Loesch's angry radio program, mission accomplished.  But if St. Louis Tea Partiers ever wanted to be taken seriously again...

Kinder's involvement in all of this is amusing for an entirely different reason.  He's worked so hard to develop a relationship with the tea party krazies and the Breitbart folks, and they now believe he is a person of some influence.  Kinder has publicly thanked God for Breitbart, and called him a "great guy."  In July, he publicly asked Loesch to tell Breitbart "how proud we are of him."  So now, when Team Breitbart's outrage of the day involves Missouri, they ask Kinder to come to their aid.   But #PDK, the brave man that he is, remains neutral:

I just feel so bad for all of the actors involved here.  Bearden's affiliated organizations have put so much time and money to building up these tea party mouthpieces to create hysteria and spread outrageous information to further their corporate donors' agenda.  And Kinder -- he just wants to be loved!   And now, it's all going south, fast.  So sad. 



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