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Spence Hosting Event with Union-Busting Governor John Kasich

As was reported here Tuesday, Republican candidate for Governor Dave Spence will be rubbing elbows with the union-busting governor of Ohio John Kasich this Tuesday, June 19th at the Ritz-Carlton in St.Louis, Missouri.

Fired Up! Missouri obtained an invitation to the event, which will involve a private roundtable as well a cocktail reception. See the list of co-hosts for the event after the jump.

Rep. Sue Allen, R.D. Todd Baur, Kim & Bob Brinkmann, Rep. Cloria Brown, William H.T. Bush, Rep. Kathie Conway, Sen. Jane Cunningham, Hon. John C. Danforth, Melissa & Andy Dawson, Rep. Scott Dieckhaus, Rep. John Diehl, Cindy & Tim Drury, Mark Dunn, Audrey Feuerbacher, Rep. Doug Funderburk, Rep. Marsha Haefner, Catherine Hanaway, Amy & Tom Harmon, John C. Hauck, Greg Hoberock, Jerry Hunter, Laura & John Johnston, Benton & Rod Jones, Rep. Tim Jones, Sandy and Al Koller, Amy & Bill Koman, Sen. John Lamping, Rep. Mike Leara, Ellen & Selden Martin, Casey & Bob O’Brien, Marion & Rick Oertli, Kathy & John Qualy, Darlene & Charles Roland, Sen. Scott Rupp, Rep. Dave Schatz, Sen. Eric Schmitt, Hon. Tom Schweich, Rep. Rick Stream, Laurie & Jim Theiss, Gene Toombs, Ray Wagner, Amb. George H. Walker III, and Rep. Anne Zerr.




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