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Sinquefield Announces His State Senate Picks

Yesterday, the Missouri Club for Growth PAC announced its endorsements for Missouri State Senate. As you may know, the Missouri Club for Growth PAC recently received a $500,005 contribution from the wealthy Republican financier, and everything tax chief proponent, Rex Sinquefield.  It is interesting to note, that the Missouri Club for Growth PAC had been struggling mightily to raise contributions prior to Sinquefield’s contribution, with only $4,140 in funds as of its April 2012 Quarterly Report.

A breakdown of the Missouri Club for Growth PAC’s Sinquefield’s endorsements can be found below.

  • Senate District-1 Jim Lembke
  • Senate District-3 Gary Romine
  • Senate District-21 Mike McGhee
  • Senate District-25 Doug Libla
  • Senate District-27 Ellen Brandom
  • Senate District-29 David Sater
  • Senate District-31 Ed Emery
  • Senate District-33 Ward Franz

It's worth noting that at least a couple of these Republicans have been actively seeking support from organized labor.  Might be time for a re-thinkin'.



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