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Shuttered Company in Spence TV Ad Actually Still Open

You may have seen the ad above from Dave Spence's campaign for governor about a trucking company which he claims closed in 2011 because of policies put in place by Jay Nixon. But, according to an article in the Riverfront Times, the company in question, McHenry Truck Equipment, is still - today - open for business.


From the RFT:

The spot opens on a shuttered industrial building with Spence's voiceover: "After 65 years, this business shut its doors last year," followed by the on-screen words: "McHenry Truck Equipment: Closed in 2011." Spence continues: "It's the same all over Missouri. Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat with Jay Nixon in charge."

Well, maybe, maybe not. But Spence should probably find a better example to make his case: McHenry Truck Equipment did indeed close its doors in 2011 -- in order to move to its new location only four miles away, still within the city of St. Louis. As of yesterday, it was still open for business.

I'm sure, if the campaign ever does get back to the Riverfront Times, we'll hear about a poor staffer who is going to be forced to fall on their sword for the "innaccuracies" in the piece, just as they did when it was revealed that Spence had been lying about his educational background having claimed he had a degree in economics when in reality he had received a degree in home economics.



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