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Senate Wannabe Akin Talks Impeaching Obama

Unwilling to let other congresscritters from Missouri hog all of the national spotlight, Rep. Todd Akin implied that he is in favor of impeaching President Obama even if the rest of the republican caucus isn't yet fully on board with the idea.

From TPM:

Why hasn’t Congress impeached President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder? Rep. Todd Akin says it’s simply a lack of votes. But he says that may change eventually.

“That’s a good question,” Akin told a constituent on Tuesday who asked just that. “I can’t speak for the other 400 and some congressmen, but I believe when they take a look at impeachment the question is do you have the votes to do it and, if you do it, it goes to the Senate, what’s going to happen with Harry Reid?”

Akin then went on a tirade against Obama, laying out what he sees as reasons supporting an impeachment of the president, even going so far to call Obama a "complete menace to our civilization."

Still, Akin said he had plenty of relevant concerns: Obama, he said, “ignores the Constitution, he ignores the laws, he wants to impose all of the czars, he completely ignores the train wreck of the economy, which he’s causing with trillion-dollar-plus deficits every year you go along.”

He concluded the quicker way to remove Obama from office would be to wait for the election to run its course.

“He is a complete menace to our civilization,” he said. “The question is what’s the best way to get rid of him, I think probably at the ballot box next election, we need to get that done.”



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