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Saving America, One Big Bird at a Time

Moneybags Romney plans to balance the budget by cutting (read eliminating) PBS and Planned Parenthood. Miss Liberty decided to check into those savings. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives about 450 million a year and Planned Parenthood received about 657.1 million from 2002 -2009. For Planned Parenthood, that's about 93 mil a year. We'll just round those totals to 600 million to cover incidentals, and so pea brains can get a grasp onan amount that doesn't involve fractions. 

Miss Liberty decided to look at a few other budget costs. A Raptor Stealth jet costs 150 mil, buying and operating 12 nuclear subs costs 347 billion (yes, the B word), and a new aircraft carrier will be 9 plus billion. Abstinence only education received 171 million in 2007, and we pay around 20 billion in farm subsidies every year.

Our debt is $15,929,310,246,899 as of around 11 am today. Removing the $600 million form the budget reduces the debt to $15,928,710,246,899! Gold dust twins Romney and Ryan will save America, one Big Bird at a time.



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