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Roy Blunt Loses His Cool Asked To Explain Dishonest Statements About Housekeeper

UPDATE: Here's KMBC's video footage.


KSHB just posted this video of Roy Blunt losing his temper when Michael Mahoney was asked to explain his obviously dishonest responses to questions about a family housekeeper he tried to help with official office when he was Secretary of State.

A quick transcript:

MICHAEL MAHONEY: Did you know this woman you wrote the letter for, or not?

BLUNT: What a -- You know, that's just such nonsense, Mike, and you know it.  And it's desperation politics on their side. And, uh, these issues are bigger than that.  We put a statement on that at the time. It was accurate at the time. You can go back and read it.

MAHONEY: Did you know her or not?

BLUNT: We put a statement on that at the time.  And it's exactly accurate. You read it, and you know what it says.

MAHONEY: She says that she did work for your family, sir.

"It was accurate at the time." Uh-huh.



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